Day 1 Young Fabians Operation Stop Trump


On the first day of our Young Fabians Operation Stop Trump delegation on 6th September the highlights were phone banking for Hillary Clinton at her field office headquarters of the American Federation of Teachers Union and meeting Richard Bruce from Labour International CLP.



At the Clinton field office we were greeted with a warm welcome by Hillary’s campaign staff and volunteers. They were happy that we had traveled from the UK to support Hillary and said it reflected how important this election is for the world.


We rang up voters in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania. We spoke to undecided voters, uninterested people, Republicans, Bernie or Bust Democrats, Staunch Democrats and big Hillary supporters. A great moment for me was when one lady said she would be happy to volunteer.

Later, we met Richard Bruce of the Labour Party’s International CLP at O’Hara’s Irish Pub in Manhattan. Richard is currently living in Brooklyn but is a long-time Labour Party member and a former Labour councillor in hackney as well as a member of Brooklyn Independent Democrats so had plenty of insights as a Brit living in the States.



We introduced ourselves and discussed our projects which range from my own project on digital campaigning, US/China relations and Black Lives Matter movement as well as many other important issues. We also spoke about the political climate in Britain.


Richard said he thinks Hillary’s priories as President would be expanding Obamacare and comprehensive immigration law for Dreamers and their families.


Mr Bruce noted Democrats are able to Get Out The Vote more in a presidential election year than any other year. He said every 10 years there is a census- the last one in 2010 had negative consequences for the Democrats and it won’t be until 2020 until they will be redone.


All in all it was a great first day where we were able to hit the ground running by gaining insights about US Politics and campaigning for Hillary.