Day 5 Young Fabians Operation Stop Trump

Day 5 of Operation Stop Trump was an exciting day spent with the Arlington Democrats. We began the day by attending the Arlington Democrats monthly breakfast meeting at Busboys and Poets, a wonderful bohemian café in Shirlington, Virginia.


We loved how the breakfast was part social, part political meeting. It provided a great opportunity for Democrat supporters to get to know each other. We enjoyed meeting and talking with the local Democrats and getting to hear their take on the election as grassroots activists.


It was the first meeting since the Democratic National Convention so we heard from some of Virginia’s delegates about their convention experiences. The delegates all said what an incredible experience it had been for them and how honoured they were to represent the great state of Virginia. It was especially exciting with Virginia senator, Tim Kaine being chosen as the Vice Presidential nominee.


A highlight of the convention was the magical balloon drop moment. One of the greatest things about the convention was that there were more trans people at the Democratic Convention than there were black people the Republican convention.

Our next stop was the Clinton campaign’s Arlington field office. We had the pleasure of an in-depth and wide-ranging discussion about all things Politics with campaign organisers Alejandro and Laurie. Then we were given a crash course on campaigning! We discussed how engaging people to vote means they are more likely to do so. We noted the Clinton campaign side has invested in field operations unlike Trump.


We also had a wonderful opportunity to chat with campaign volunteers and hear what feedback they had been getting on the doorstep. One canvasser states people who are voting Trump in Arlington tend to be anti-Hillary in her experience, but there is Hillary excitement too!


As a testament to our dedication to Hillary’s campaign a few of canvassed door to door in the sweltering Virginia heat! We were happy to take Hillary’s message to the doorstep and got a positive message from those we canvassed who were Democrat-leaning voters.


Next up, we attended Rep. Don Beyer’s campaign launch at Bon Air Park! We were very honoured to have the opportunity to meet Rep. Beyer. Don Beyer is one of the most progressive members of Congress; an environmental activist and campaigner for tougher regulations on buying guns. We were inspired by his speech to volunteers and enjoyed relaxing with cake and ice cream in the beautiful park whilst meeting Democrats.




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